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Artwork with Attitude by Michael Spano
Extreme Artwork - Motorcycle Art - Erotica - K9 Art

Looking for Evil Biker Art for a motorcycle club, Custom Fantasy or Erotic Art, or Wicked Skull Artwork for a website, check out our Portfolio.

Digital Painting by Michael Spano of Michelangelo's Creation

Digital Painting, Portraits and Illustration by Spano

Featuring the custom artwork of Michael Spano, CyberArt Studios can be commissioned to create Digital Paintings, Portraits and Illustrations for all forms of reproduction; including: Print, Web, Apparel, Glass, Embroidery and more.

Fantasy Art & Erotica

Fantasy Art and Erotica

It’s not always about Wicked Skulls and Evil Biker Art, we also add some Fantasy Art and Erotica into the mix for good balance.

We create sensual erotic art based on your fantasy or from photos that you provide, or we can be commissioned to take the photos for you. We create both Black & White as well as full color art, and can even create retouched erotic photo composites.


Biker Art & Wicked Skulls

Evil skulls and “Bad-Ass” art are part of the “Biker” culture.

Michael Spano has been riding motorcycles since the late 70’s, and has been creating biker art for just as long. Being a member of a NYC Motorcycle Club, he not only understands the lifestyle, he lives it. His Biker Skull Art is featured at ArtbySpano.com.

Wicked Skulls - Art - Apparel - Accessories - Jewelry

Wicked Skull Art - Apparel - Patches - Leather.

At CyberArt Studios we treat each project as a unique experience, and make it as effortless and rewarding as possible for each client.

We create cutting-edge custom artwork and design for a wide range of organizations, and can accommodate the needs of clients requiring the typical to the extreme.

All of our Artwork and Design is created digitally, combining years of conventional art techniques with the ever-expanding capabilities of digital painting and image manipulation.

Our artwork is sold both digitally and as high quality prints for both commercial and private use.

Our Evil Biker Art and Apparel is sold at www.WickedSkulls.com

Custom PitBull Artwork and Design
for Websites and Print.

Custom  PitBull  Art

We can paint portraits of your dogs, and add in some erotica or even an evil skull if you like. We have worked with some of the country’s leading kennels, including the EliteEdge.

Skulls by Spano features custom skull art work by Michael Spano

We design  “Club Colors”  create Custom Patches, Decals, Support Gear and website Graphics. Our biker art is also sold at www.WickedSkulls.com

Wicked Apparel - Extreme Clothing Designs

Michael Spano of CyberArt Studios has created Extreme Artwork and Designs
Exclusively for Wicked Skulls Apparel

They're a unique gift that's got
"Bad Ass" Attitude
Perfect for Bikers, Skateboarders or anybody who wants to
wear a Wicked Shirt.

Specializing in Motorcycle Club Colors and Club Support Gear

If you're looking for Custom Designed Art Work for your Shirt please contact us

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